Buizel is a Water type Pokémon that is a good swimmer because, it's an otter, Buizel has a collar around it's neck can be inflated, it's used for a floating device when Buizel inhales. Buizel has 2 blue fins on it's arms and a double tail, it's double tail is Buizel's propeller for swimming. Buizel also has cream-colored paws on it's fore and hind-feet and has spots on it's back determining on it's gender. Male Buizel's have 2 spots on their backs and female's only have 1. Buizel's abilities are flying and swimming, Buizel can use it's double tail for firing the attacks Razor Wind and Sonic Boom. Wild Buizel's can be be found in the wild by swift-moving rivers. Buizel eats Oran Berries for it's Diet. Buizel's behavior is a bit like a dog. Buizel is set to be obtainable in Pokémon Tower Defense 4.

Location: Breeding (PTD2)

Shiny: Breeding, Mystery Gift for 2 hours, EXPIRED (PTD2)

Shadow: Breeding, Mystery Gift, EXPIRED (PTD2)

Normal Sprite
Shiny Sprite
Shiny Buizel