Floatzel is the evolvion of Buizel, which Floatzel can break stuff with it's massive double tail, like Buizel. Floatzel is a very good swimmer because Buizel and Floatzel are otters. Floatzel's abilities are the same as Buizel, but a little stronger. Floatzel can learn Hyper Beam and Giga Impact, and also knows Crunch and Ice Fang when Buizel evolves, very strong moves, Ice Fang has a 10% chance of freezing Pokémon. The small fins on Buizel's forelimbs grow bigger into fully-fledged fins that are used for the attack Razor Wind, also a pretty strong move. Floatzel is set to be obtainable in PTD4.

Location: Level up a Buizel to Lv. 26

Shiny: Level up a shiny Buizel to Lv. 26

Shadow: Level up a shadow Buizel to Lv. 26

Normal Sprite
Normal Floatzel
Shiny Sprite
Shiny Floatzel