Froslass is a ice ghost type pokémon that doesn't have any feet, she just floats around in the air like a ghost. Froslass is also kinda invincible to attacks, Normal moves don't affect her, but psychic and dark type pokémon do cause Ghost type Pokémon's weaknesses are psychic and ghost type pokémon. Froslass evolves from a female Snorunt, while Glalie evolves from a Male Snorunt at level 42. Froslass is set to be obtainable in PTD4.

Triva:  male snorunt suck.

Location: Evolve a female snorunt with a dawn stone

Shiny: Evolve a shiny female snorunt with a dawn stone

Shadow: Evolve a shadow female snorunt with a dawn stone

Normal Sprite
Shiny Sprite
Shiny Froslass

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