Grotle is the next evolvion of the grass starter Pokémon in Sinnoh. Grotle has a bigger shell than Turtwig does and it
grows, the shell now protects Grotle's entire head. The shell now has 2 bushes on the sides of it. Grotle now has a jaw and it is yellow like Turtwig's feet, Grotle's feet are yellow too, also it's shell like Turtwig's. Grotle's feet now have spikes on them when it evolved also. Grotle has the ability to sense where pure water wells up. Grotles will sometimes rool around in muddy areas to harden it's shell with minerals. Grotles live near fresh water areas, like ponds or lakes in forests. Grotle's diet is berries (like most Pokémon's is). Grotle is set to be obtainable in PTD4.

Location: Level Up Turtwig To Level 18

Shiny: Level Up Shiny Turtwig To Level 18

Shadow: Level Up Shadow Turtwig To Level 18

Normal Sprite
Shiny Sprite
Shiny Grotle