Pokéballs are the devices in all Pokémon games to catch wild Pokémon. Now some of you guys might be thinking that all Pokéballs are red and white, but there are also other types of Pokéballs, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball, the Master Ball, the Safari Ball, the Level Ball, the Lure Ball, the Moon Ball, the Friend Ball, the Love Ball, the Heavy Ball, the Fast Ball, the Sport Ball, the Premier Ball, the Repeat Ball, the Timer Ball, the Nest Ball, the Net Ball, the Dive Ball, the Luxary Ball, the Heal Ball, the Quick Ball, the Dusk Ball, the Cherish Ball, the Park Ball, and the Dream Ball, THATS 26 TYPES OF POKéBALLS!? Pokéballs are used in Pokémon Tower Defense a lot, some are even used to try and catch legends, for legends, there is an extremely low chance of catching it using a regular Pokéball, for the Great Ball, it's still an extremely low chance but goes up a little, for Ultra Ball, it's a pretty low chance, and for the Master Ball, it's an 100% chance, Master Balls always catch the Pokémon, EVEN IF IT'S LVL.100, Ultra Balls catch any Pokémon lvl.10-20, lvl.20-30, lvl.30-40, and lvl.40-50, (BUT IF THE POKéMON IS A LEGEND, PRETTY LOW CHANCE CATCHING IT WITH AN ULTRA BALL) you see, depending on what level the Pokémon is, it determines the chances of catching the Pokémon, but Master Balls always catch any Pokémon, and it also determines on what type of Pokéball you use, like the Net Ball and the Dive Ball, Net Balls have a higher chance of catching bug type Pokémon, and Dive Balls have a higher chance of catching water type Pokémon. There are also some helpful Pokéballs, like the Heal Ball, which if you catch the Pokémon, it heals all it's HP if you had to attack it to catch it better, because some people hate having to go to a Pokémon Center and heal it up if it has HP in the red health bar. Pokéballs were created by nintendo and are used everywhere in Pokémon games to catch wild Pokémon.

Poke Ball