Turtwig,  the grass starter Pokémon of Sinnoh, Turtwig is named after turtles, and wig from twig, from the stick on his head. A small seed is on it's head that grows on it's head, and it's brown shell is said to be made of earth, it also has a black stripe of rim on it's shell thats very thick. On a healthy Turtwig, it's shell should feel moist. Turtwigs can utilize the sun to use the moves Synthesis and Solar Beam. The shell on it's back increases it's speed and defense. Turtwigs are immune to many other Grass type moves like Razor Leaf and Giga Drain, they don't effect other Grass type Pokémon. Turtwig's eyes and feet are yellow. Turtwig's can be found in the wild in forests by lakes. Turtwig's diet is berries (which most Pokémon's is) and water, water hardens it's shell that grows on it's back. Turtwig is set to be obtainable in PTD4.


  • Starter Pokémon


  • Pokemon Adoption 10 SnD Coins (Rare Adoption)


  • TBA
Normal Sprite
Shiny Sprite
Shiny Turtwig